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New Inroads in the design, development, and manufacture of hybrid electric chemical rocket engines and advanced hazard attenuation systems.  

Our CO2 Capture system consists of an array of towers mounted around CO2 emitting source such as power plants or refinery's or other CO2 emitting plants. 


Our Space Debris Capture and removal source, consists of autonomous robotic maneuvering craft which synchronizes its orbital velocity which finds on orbit thus caputring it, when full it rendezvous with a space tug tower stage, two hybrid electric LO2|LH2 rocket engines which tow the space debris making it available to be removed delivering it to the suns transfer orbit.


Our Company

   Channels more than 65 years of combined experience. In

Hybrid Electric Chemical Rocket Engine propulsion and aerospace industry experience combined.. We lead the way in the design, development, and manufacture of Hybrid Electric Chemical Rocket engines featuring Hybrid Electric technology with a projection towards Advanced Hazard Attenuation Systems

Founded in 2003 by C. Miller, a defense contractor, thus becomming Fanthom Propulsion 2019

Fanthom Propulsion, LLC.

About FanThom Propulsion, LLC

FANTHOM Propulsion LLC

email: rocket@

Office 1: 832-392-0127 | TextMail:  1-832-906-5752 | P. O. Box 806 Chandler, TEXAS 75758


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